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Canadian textile artist Manitoulin Island

Welcome to Judy Martin’s Art – Best Canadian Textile Artist in Manitoulin Island

Judith Martin is a full-time professional textile artist in Ontario, Canada. She has devoted many years to the vocation of creating large-scale abstract textile art and is an important slow stitch artist in Canada.  Judith Martin Art uses dye, thread and cloth as primary materials and she produces beautiful works through stitching these materials by hand. The process is time-consuming, but the healing meditation inherent in the method gives this Canadian artist the vitality to fulfil her large projects. Judy Martin, with her hand-stitched drawings and art quilts, has received recognition across North America as well as other parts of the world.  The conceptually rich, repetitive, but often imperfect stitches of this best textile artist in Manitoulin Island, Sheguiandah, are widely admired by art enthusiasts.

Judith Martin lives isolated from the larger urban centers of Southern Ontario and chooses instead the sparse population, natural beauty and solitude of her home on Manitoulin Island, situated in Lake Huron, Canada.  The island provides inspiration for her minimalist style.   In fact, most of the ideas for Judy Martin’s slow stitch are born while she ponders looking out of the window staring at the horizon.  She is a Canadian textile artist in Manitoulin Island.  Her thoughts are enriched by the vast expanses of vacant fields, the passage of time through the seasonal cycles, and the gentle ripples generated by the wind in the peaceful lakes. The spiritual surroundings and the rich cultural heritage of the world’s largest island in a freshwater lake nurture the deepest imagination of this hand stitching genius. All in all, the minimalist designs of one of the finest textile artists in Canada are manifestations of her intimacy with nature.

However, the central theme of Judy Martin’s contemporary abstract artwork is our Inner World.  Her pieces generally feature large spaces filled with repetitive hand-stitched marks that give just enough distraction and interest to trigger emotions, daydreams and memories in viewers.   Judith Martin’s slow-stitched masterpieces have journeyed from Canada to exhibitions held in the USA, Europe, and Asia, where this Canadian textile artist has garnered accolades and awards.  Judith Martin textile artist believes that the splendid handcraft of slow stitching is meditative and healing.  She shares her experiences about the creative process on her popular blog named Judy’s Journal.  If you are a connoisseur of slow-stitch, please visit the Website’s gallery of one of the Best textile artists in Canada and enjoy Judy Martin’s appealing creations.